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10 best graphic novel and comic book blogs

this from David Seidman at
David SeidmanDavid Seidman has been in the graphic-novel and comic-book business since the early 1990s. Among other things, he's been a graphic novel and comic book writer, an editor of comics and graphic novels, an essayist on the graphic-novel industry for the book-industry Bible Publishers Weekly and other publications. He's also been a teacher of writing comics and graphic novels, and a publicist for NBM Publishing, Papercutz, and other graphic-novel houses. (F.Y.I., NBM is starting its own blog, by the company's writers and artists!) And finally, he's been the host of a monthly networking dinner for Los Angeles' comic-book and graphic-novel industry. His take on this list: "These comics-related blogs are fun to read and strikingly informative. Check them often, and you'll be as well-informed as almost any comics insider."

  • Captain Comics

    By Andrew Smith, offering the only regularly syndicated newspaper column about comic books and graphic novels.


    By various contributors who concentrate on the business side of the graphic-novel business.

  • Lying in the Gutters

    By Rich Johnston, who gets news and gossip from deep inside the American graphic-novel industry even though he’s in England.

  • Manga Blog

    By Brigid Alverson, who roams all over the fast-growing map of Asian comics and Asian-inspired comics

  • The Beat

    By Heidi MacDonald of Publishers Weekly, one of the most well-informed and well-connected journalists covering 

  • The Comics Reporter

    By Tom Spurgeon and friends, delivering some of the most in-depth coverage of the paneled world.

  • Tilting at Windmills

    By comics retailer Brian Hibbs, who offers a hard-nosed bookseller’s perspective on the field.

  •  When Fangirls Attack

    By various contributors linking to the world of female comics characters and creators.

  • ¡Journalista!

    By Dirk Deppey of The Comics Journal, who accumulates links and pipes up with his own opinions over a wide field of comics-related topics.

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